Tuesday, February 25, 2020

To what extent does restructuring transform corporate market and Essay

To what extent does restructuring transform corporate market and financial performance Discuss using an extended example - Essay Example It plays a vital role in decreasing the stress between debt holders and equity holders due to which they can come up with instant solutions of different problems. And on the other hand it also reduces financial crisis and losses. Financial performance and corporate markets have been transformed through restructuring to some extent, but the degree of transformation is the main question. This question is answered in the following example of a worldwide food processing company â€Å"THE HEINZ COMPANY†. According to Gordon Donaldson, â€Å"We have become so familiar with the phrase financial restructuring in the past decade that we often fail to ask why financial structure became such a battleground for contending agents of change.† (Donaldson 1994, 6) â€Å"H.J Heinz Company† was originated in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania in 1869. The company was founded by German Henry John Heinz. At that time Heinz was only 25 years old and initially he used to distribute condiments to limited grocers by Horse-drawn wagon. Initially the company’s original name was â€Å"Anchor Pickle and Vinegar Works†. The first product line of the company had only horseradish but later tomato ketchup and pickles were also introduced. In 1874 L.C Noble became the partner of Heinz Company. After their partnership the company’s name changed from â€Å"Anchor Pickle and Vinegar Works† to â€Å"Heinz, Noble & Company† and they moved to a larger headquarter located near Pittsburgh. Their assets increased to 30 acres of Horseradish, 24 horses, 12 wagons, 100 acres of garden and a vinegar factory in St. Louis. In 1875, banking panic and economic chaos forced Heinz into bankruptcy and their business failed. But soon after in 1876, Heinz restructured its company with an aim to repay all his creditors and introduced a new product in its product line â€Å"Tomato Ketchup†. Heinz formed a partnership with its cousin Frederick and brother John. In 1877, their product line further extended

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