Sunday, February 9, 2020

Employee selection method Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Employee selection method - Essay Example Additionally, the cognitive ability test evaluates the participant’s potential or aptitude to solve job-related issues by providing data about their mental abilities such as mathematical and verbal reasoning, as well as, perpetual abilities such as speed in identifying letter in the alphabet. A good example of cognitive ability test is the aptitude test that is given to prospective employees. The advantages of the cognitive ability test are that it produces various organization outcomes such as success in training and performance. Secondly, this method can be used to predict job performance, especially for complex jobs. Thirdly, the test can be administers through paper and pencil or using computerized methods. Lastly, the method is cost-effective to administer, as the participants are time (Durai, 2010). However, there are various pitfalls that are associated with this method that include that the test is likely to differ in results because of race and gender than any other type of test administers. Lastly, the method is time-consuming in case the test is purchased off- the-

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